DAFABET sign up offer and free bet 2019

DAFABET sign up offer and free bet 2019

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Have you heard about the “home of Asian betting”? Well, you only have one bookmaker in mind –Dafabet. Yes, Dafabet is one of the most famous bookmakers in Asia.  Founded in 2004, Dafabet.com made a name in Asia and other parts of the world.  The bookmaker offers bonus codes and promotion to players.

Dafabet is based in the Philippines and regulated by CEZA and First Cagayan. If you’re from Isle of Man and the UK, you would also find Dafabet there.

Dafabet is created to suit Asian players, but its European development enables it to conquer European countries as well. Dafabet is ready to serve the UK and other countries.

Sports Betting

Like other bookmakers, Dafabet offers different sports as well. But, you wouldn’t find many sports as you see from other casino sites. Football lovers would be satisfied with the betting markets offered on the Dafabet site.

If you like cricket, Dafabet.com is one of the best casino sites you can visit. Why? There are international and club matches you can play in England, India and other countries. Also, there are several basketball punters available for players. Dafabet offers the best odds that make basketball game awesome.

Dafabet offers both major and minor events. So, you can expect to see different handicaps. The excitement doesn’t end there because you can view the events both in Asian and European. For pro and new players, Dafabet is the right place to make bets.

What Can You Expect from Dafabet?

Online casinos, like Dafabet, have all the major offers that would satisfy most players. The game selection in the site is superb, and you have many ways to bet. When it comes to features, the quality and scope of Dafabet exceed the expectations of players.

You also enjoy tons of games that give you chances to gain rewards. That’s not all. Here are a few other great offers you would gain in Dafabet:

•    Live  Betting

Do you love live betting? Then, why not try the live betting section of the casino? The sporting layout is beautiful, and you have different betting options. There are different odds on the site, such as Malay, Indonesia, and more. Players are welcome to try the excellent Asian handicaps. Another good thing about live betting is the speed bet feature. Speed bet allows you to place bets from your computer or mobile device.

•    Deposit Methods

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, Dafabet offers satisfaction to players. There are diverse payment options you can use. Since the payment methods are fast, you wouldn’t feel any hassle. Players can also find different sports from the site, such as E-sports, Casino, Poker, and more.

•    Prestigious Sponsorships

Besides bonuses, game, and payment options, Dafabet also sponsors famous teams. The casino also is one of the betting partners of Everton FC and Wales team.

Before you make live bets or deposits, you first receive a welcome bonus. Players who sign up at Dafabet gain DAFABET bonus code that gives them a chance to avail more offerings.  You would enjoy 50% on your first deposit that’s up to €80.

If you like to receive the welcome bonus, you need to complete the signup option. Then, you can make your deposit and receive the bonus.

That’s easy, but how do you get the bonus? Here are the following steps you would do:

1.    You need to create an account by visiting the Dafabet website. You click the signup button to start your account creation.

2.    Next, you enter your personal information and the bonus code. After this, you would be directed to the third step.

3.    Now, your account setup is complete, and you’re a Dafabet member. Don’t forget to save and store your account details.

4.    You select your payment method and make your first deposit. You now receive your bonus!

If you reside in the United Kingdom, you receive free bet and other offers.  Dafabet continues to provide great service and satisfaction to players in the UK.

How do they do this? It’s simple and exciting for the players because they also receive an e-sports bonus as well.

•    Get €5 Each Time Fulham Scores

Are you a Fulham fan? Here’s good news for you! UK players have the chance to receive €5 each time Fulham make a score. Even if you’re not a fan, you still receive the bonus so come and be a Dafabet member!

•    E-sports Bonus

One of the coolest things of being an e-sports fan is you get a bonus! That’s right! You would be glad to receive a 50% bonus on your first deposit.

Also, you might have read on the DAFABET review that the casino offers different promotions. You enjoy the cashback rewards and Rebate offers.

Dafabet Bonuses and Promotions

The signup bonus at Dafabet.com might have caught your attention. But, that’s not all that you should be excited to see.

Oh yes! The bonuses and promotions are here to add color and thrill to your casino experience. You visit the Games section, and you receive your First Deposit Bonus that amounts to $500.

Do you like to play the Dafabet slot games? Well, here’s a good reason why you need to do it. You can receive 1.2 cash back each week in playing the slot games. Take note: these bonuses aren’t only in the Games section. There are other rewards you can receive in other sports markets you like.

Poker Bonuses

 Poker players would love the bonuses at Dafabet.com.  Why? You receive a Welcome Bonus Package of $20. The First Deposit Bonus is awesome because you would receive 200% bonus. Also, players are allowed to make referrals that also land them an equivalent bonus.

Have you visited the Casino section at Dafabet? If not, this is your time to play in the Casino section and place bets. Besides the 100% bonus, players also receive referral bonuses as well.  The Sports section is worthy of visiting due to its unlimited rebates, bonuses and other exciting offers!

You would be surprised that there are tons of DAFABET promotions that players would love. If these promotions amaze you, then, you would be thrilled to find out the VIP bonuses.

 Are you interested?

You register at Dafabet.com, receive the signup bonus, and gain satisfaction from the VIP privilege. Since it’s an easy registration, it’s hassle-free for you to make bets and deposit.

Here are other bonuses you can receive when you become a Dafabet member:

•    NBA Cashback

Do you like to bet on an NBA match each month? If you do, you need to place bets on odds that are 1.50 or more. Then, your cashback requires to be rolled a single time so that you can cash it out.

•    Dafabet FC Benefits

Are you interested in receiving weekly reload bonus? If yes, the Dafabet site is the right place where you can place your bets. There’s an excellent deposit plus bonus and weekly reload bonus. Another great thing about the FC benefit is that you’re also eligible to get an anniversary or birthday bonus.

•    MLB Cashback

MLB baseball matches are great for players. If we’re talking about the weekly bonuses, it’s even better than other games. You need to place your bets on odds that 1.5 or more. Like the NBA cashback, your bonus requires single cash out before you receive your reward.

Besides these offers, you can also access unlimited rebates game betting. You can also benefit from mix parlay rebate, NBA bonus, and frequency bonus. Get ready to receive bonuses and promotions at Dafabet.com.

Slot Games

Dafabet offers different slot games for all UK and Asian players.  The slot machines have Asian themes that you wouldn’t see in other Playtech casinos. Players find the Asian themes attractive, and it provides them with a fresh environment to enjoy the games.

You would observe that there are few licensed titles in the games. But, players find the slot games enjoyable as it provides excitement and fun.

Unlike other bookies, Dafabet has fewer slot machines than most players expect. But there are a lot of offers that provide satisfaction to players.  Customers are welcome to place bets and earn bonuses and promotions they like. It’s all here at Dafabet.

The following are examples of slot games you can find at Dafabet.com:

•    Beach Life

•    Desert Treasure

•    Esmeralda

•    Buffalo Blitz

•    Football Carnival

•    Funky Money

•    Gold Rally

•    Fields of Fortune

•    Highway Kings

•    Hot Gems

•    Jurassic Island

Video Games

No doubt. Video games add to the excitement of players in casino sites. In the case of Dafabet, there are lots of games you can select and place your bet.

What else? Dafabet video games offer chances to enjoy the casino experience. Whether you’re a new o pro player, Dafabet doesn’t disappoint in giving you an awesome casino experience.

Do you want to play the following video games?

•    Dice Twister

•    Keno

•    Bonus Bowling

•    Penalty

•    Head or  Halls

•    Spin A Win

•    Rollercoaster Dice

Players are invited to visit the Dafabet Game section if they want more games. The game selections are awesome and also the non-arcade games. If non-arcade games interest you, then here are the following games you should try and play:

•    Amazon Wild

•    Ace Ventura

•    3 Card Brag

•    3D Roulette Premium

•    Arctic Adventures

•    Chests of Plenty

•    Catwalk

You can also find these games on the Game section of the casino. But, there are other games you would see in the main casino, so it’s good to visit Dafabet .com.

Table Games

Your casino experience wouldn’t be complete without table games.  Players would observe that four different roulette variants offer happiness to players.

But, you could only see a single blackjack game and a blackjack variant – pontoon. The card and table game provides a large selection of games players would love to play.

Do you want to play table games today?

Here are few of Table games available at Dafabet:

•    Craps

•    Mini Roulette

•    Blackjack

•    Roulette Pro

•    Sic Bo

Video Poker

The video poker selection is small than other bookmakers offer. Players who love video poker have benefits in playing the game due to the style and quality of the game.

Who doesn’t want a decent poker game? Of course, most players want to try if they’re good at poker. Dafabet allows them to enjoy the game through its simple mechanics. Though it has small poker game selection, Dafabet assures that the available games would meet customer satisfaction.

Also, players are allowed to place bets and enter DAFABET bonus code so that they could gain many rewards and prices. You might not like the selection or no, but it’s still worth it to give the video a try.

The video poker games are the following:

•    Deuce Wild

•    Jacks or Better

•    2 Ways Royal

Online Poker

Have you visited the Dafabet online poker room?  Dafabet has Playtech software that allows the traffic on the websites to be pooled together. It means that you wouldn’t find a hard time in selecting a game you want to play.

The Playtech software relies on iPoker Network that ranks 10th when it comes to the overall traffic. Yes, you’re right if you think that it doesn’t give you much traffic. You wouldn’t expect great traffic even during the peak time of your game playing.

During peak time, 4,500 people use the site. The card game players amount to 1,200 while the 1,700 are tournament players.

Well, it’s exciting for players to play the game and have chances to level up on online poker.

Dafabet Promos

Besides the fantastic bonuses, the DAFABET promotions catch the online player’s attention. The promotions provide additional cash or rewards to both new and old casino players. The great thing about this is everyone has a chance to avail the promos.

What are the promos you can get from Dafabet.com?

•    Live Dealer Promos

Do you want to receive a 50% bonus? Here’s the good news – you can avail the first deposit bonus today! It’s simple for players to achieve the live dealer promos.


You deposit the live dealer and the games wallet. Then, you would receive a 50% bonus! Players can receive two maximum bonus amounts, but the number depends on the deposits you make.

•    Cash Back Rewards

Gamers are always ready for a challenge, and Dafabet provides them with the challenge they would like. So, Dafabet allows you to accumulate 100 hands or more in the dealer rooms. If you meet the requirements, you would be eligible for the cashback bonus that’s worth 10%. Come and visit the dealer rooms so that you get your cash back rewards.

•    Rebate

Get ready to place your bets when you play dealer games at Black Pearl, Diamond or Topaz clubs. Don’t worry because the rebate is fast and easy. There’s also no limit on how much rewards you can get. The betting range and VIP level determine the percentage of your qualification for the rebate.

Game Promos

Who doesn’t want to gain Game promos? Of course, most gamers aim to get these promos:

Wild Welcome Offer

Do you like to play the Wild Gambler slot machine? Why not give it a try today and enjoy the Wild Welcome Offer. So, how do we avail this great offer?

It’s simple.

You need to sign up as a player then you would receive 20 free spins. The winnings you receive from the free spins would have a 20x rollover. Hence, you have man chances to gain big offers in the future.

First Deposit Treat

Let’s admit that free spins are great. When it comes to Dafabet casino, free spins are chances for you to get rewards. You deposit $40, and you would receive 30 up to 88 free spins.

Where can you use these spins?

•    Neon Life

•    Hawaiian Treasure

•    Heart of the Jungle

•    Nostradamus

•    Jungle Trouble

•    Ace Ventura

•    Juicy Booty

•    The Winnings of Oz

Like the Wild Welcome Offer, the money you won from the free spins would have a 20x rollover. Players would enjoy how the First Deposit Treat works for them. If you’re game to avail this treat, you sign up at the Dafabet site now!

New Player Package

Can you gain a signup bonus without making any deposit? Yes, you can! The New Player Package lets you receive $8 bonus. It’s easy to avail the New Player Package. You create your account at Dafapoker and wait until you receive the bonus.

Welcome Bonus Package

Do you want to get a 20% bonus when you sign up at Dafapoker? That’s possible if you have the Welcome Bonus Package! All you need to do is enter valid information once you sign up.

The bonus package includes the following:

•    $5 bonus cash

•    $5 cash

•    $10 casino bonus

That’s not all. Players also have the chance to access the daily freerolls for 90 days. It also comes with monthly cash.

Depositors Freerolls

Are you interested in joining the weekly and monthly freerolls? Here’s your chance to do it. You would be eligible to have the freerolls if you make a deposit. That’s easy, and you also have the opportunity to play and fun.

Free Deposit Bonus

Real money games offer you bonuses that you don’t dream would come to you. Well, it isn’t a dream if you receive Free Deposit Bonus. You can get a 200% match bonus when you play the real money games. It’s easy to achieve your bonus, but you have two months for each deposit to release the bonus. It’s worth it if you consider the rewards you can get so try Free Deposit Bonus now!

Deposit Gift

Get ready to achieve a gift when you make you a deposit.  Dafabet offers you the Deposit gift that lets you earn points for every deposit you make. Players only have two weeks to qualify to the Deposit Gift offer. You can expect to see two players who might win the gift.

Weekly Related Bonus

If you have a high VIP level, you can expect to earn the Weekly Related Bonus. So, what’s the difference of this bonus from the other bonuses mentioned above? Well, it’s awesome if you get a 20% match bonus each week. Your status points would be released fas, but it depends on the VIP level you have. Thus, you register as VIP today and earn this bonus.

VIP Club

Here, avid pokers have the chance to enter the multi-tier VIP program.  Pokers have big chances to win and win bonuses. There are different available merchandises for all players. Once you’re qualified to the program, you can also earn tournament tokens. The five tiers that the program covers are the following:

•    Iron Dragon

•    Bronze Dragon

•    Silver Dragon

•    Gold Dragon

•    Platinum Dragon

Players would enjoy claiming the bonuses and promotions under Dafabet. You can see the cash you would have and how you would earn money. From the sign up to the deposit process, you wouldn’t face any hassle. If you’re a VIP member, there are lots of surprises in store for you at Dafabet.com.

What are these amazing surprises?

You would be amazed about the cash, rewards, merchandise you can have. The deposit and withdraw options are easy for all players, so you would love being a VIP member. You need to follow the terms and conditions of Dafabetto enjoy the benefits of being a member. It’s also essential that you don’t forget the rules of each sport or game in the casino site.

Dafabet is an excellent place where you can gamble and have fun. You can take chances anytime so that you can earn bonuses and promotions. There are lots of games for both new and professional players.  Also, DAFABET review says that players would experience satisfaction by becoming a member of the site.


Dafabet provides a user-friendly site where players can learn, discover, and play games. As a player, you can place bets and have fun while you claim your rewards. If Asian players enjoy Dafabet, you will enjoy it too! Come now and experience the fun and excitement in playing in a casino here at Dafabet.com!

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