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Like other known online gambling, Bethard is one of the known online sites where you can legally play casino and other games that are included in their features. They have a different array of online games that you can think of. They have live games where you can bet your money online and some virtual indoor or table games that risk the chance of winning. Every game introduced by Bethard comes with one purpose, to create entertainment and suffice the wants of the players in a different area of online games. They have different games that can be used with money, but one of their most famous games that Bethard offers is their online casino. It consists of professional software creators that let you ensure the money you currently have. The casino is licensed and officially legal from the country of the United Kingdom and made legit by the government of Curacao and the Malta Gaming Authority. Both of these are known to have these kinds of games to become more credible for the players. Bethard also has its integrated sportsbook found on their website.

Bethard is powered by two known companies, NetEnd and Microgaming. These are the most prominent software suppliers in the industry of online software development. They have the best software suppliers that enable them to create outstanding software that creates a huge impact on their business. Both software suppliers contributed greatly to the Bethard market, especially the casino that is something to look out for. For the past years, the casino has been revolutionized innovatively by the iGaming industry, by the popularity of the online casino, Bethard is one of the first online casino made. They entitled a huge success on this game, and they kept on developing the game to promote and attract more players.

The unique quality Bethard gives is one of the main assets and the reason why Bethard is tremendously popular on the market. Even though they have only started and the competition is quite rough for this kind of market, they tend to create a brand where people will be known. They give the best service and continually striving for the improvement of their products. They tend to accomplish their mission as one of the best gaming experience every player can have. Their technology is completely out of this world, and they maintain a communication with their clients to their firm.

As of now, the main head of the complete success of the software is Erik Skarp, the CEO and Founder of Bethard. Bethard is a group of people who have made this company a complete bang to the market. Here are its colleagues:

the HR, Anne Muscat Scerri, Frank Heinanen, COO;

Mikael Lindberg Castell, CTO;

Edward Licari. CFO;

Jan Lindow, CMO;

Fredrik Eskelid, CSO.

All of the members of the group diligently have their part in maintaining the best service in the company. Their vision is to create online gaming into a whole new level.

Bethard Bonus Codes

Bethard gives extra special care for starters, and they give off bonuses in where it also attracts their customers to try out the games and also invest for their company. There are different bonus codes Bethard offers for different types of game for other people who are qualified in claiming their bonuses. The most common bonus codes that they offer are for the newly registered customers they acquire. They give off cashbacks, in Bethard, they give a total of $50 cash back as their bonus with a containing bonus code to claim them.

Here are the guidelines on how you can claim your Bethard bonus code:

•    Create an Account. Make sure to create first an account if you are a starter, and then click the button that let you go into a landing page which is Bethard. In opening a new account for Bethard, go to and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

•    After you have clicked it, you will now need to fill up your details. This includes entering your personal information that is needed by the website to successfully comply with their requirement. You might see a box in where you will enter the promo code needed. You may put the promo code there.

•    Once you have successfully made your account, you are going to save your account details. Make sure that your username and password are only to be recognized by you and never forget them. They will serve your entry key for signing in on Bethard.

•    After creating your account, since this is a betting website, you will need to deposit to play the games. Bethard gives a 100% cashback or their welcome bonus. You will now have to select a payment method that you can apply to deposit your cash in your Bethard account.

On other bonus codes, they have different procedure upon entering it. The one stated above is the process of claiming your welcome bonus. Here are some of the bonus codes that you can claim once you have signed up and played a different kind of games available. The bonus codes will comply with your choice of game, they are limited, and some of them have expiration, so make sure to use your bonus codes.

Bethard Offers Bonus Description Bethard Bonus Code
Welcome Free Bets Up to £50 Bonus MAXSPORT
Combo Bonus 30% on winning (reveal the code once signed up)
Premier League £100,000 guaranteed during Tournament (reveal the code once signed up)
Casino Up to £5 Bonus MAXPROMO
Live Casino Up to £50 Bonus (reveal the code once signed up)
Roulette Up to £50 Wager Free Bonus (reveal the code once signed up)

Here are the different bonuses Bethard offers:

•    No deposit bonuses

•    Welcome bonuses

•    Re-load bonuses

•    Cashback bonuses

•    High roller bonuses

•    No wagering bonuses

•    Free Spins

•    Match bonuses

•    First deposit bonuses

•    Second deposit bonuses

Bethard Promotions

If you are looking for more promotions to make your Bethard experience to the boost of it, make sure to claim these promo codes. There are different promo codes that exist, such as the exclusive Bethard sign up bonus code. Promotional code field can be easily found on the Bethard website. This is mainly seen on the registration screen.

Bethard offers various promos. These are such free bets, re-load bonuses, free spins, and cashbacks from your deposits. These promotions let you claim more money or even double them depending on the kind of promo code available. Here are the best promos that you can have.

Premier League outright special: this kind of promo usually goes every month. The bet comes on picking a winning team or person, when that team wins, you will get a total of $2 every time it wins.

Fantasy sports – Premier League: if you are into sports such as football, this is a promo code for you. Fantasy sports come with three different tournaments. Two of them have free signing up, the games from tacticians with a $22 buy-in fee for the other tournament.


Bethard is available for people ages from 18 years old and above. That means that these promo codes are to be used or the whole game itself is to be used by adults itself. The games come with adult types of games that are quite serious. The target customer is usually people aging 18 and above. You can refer to the terms and condition of the webpage itself.

Bethard Application and Mobile Version

Bethard currently has a mobile version for their pc version. Unlike other bookmakers, they do have an application going on. This helps the players and the users of the application be able to keep updated, even the use of their mobile phones. Other bookmakers betting platforms usually choose to have only the mobile version of their website. That is one of the advantages of Bethard on other betting platforms present.

The mobile application of Bethard is very simple to distinguish and to use. It is writing using the HTML5 and is highly recommended on applications. It is easy to access and is compatible with a different operating system such as Android and IOS. The application performs well both on smartphones and tablet, and other devices that you can use. It is fully functional, and there are no reports about bugs about this application. Players and users can access a different part of the application such as the live betting, the ever famous – casino, sportsbook, and even live casino. Like other game, a live casino is hard to access but other than that, and there is none.

The Bethard mobile version or the applications acquire the same feature present in the main version of the pc version of the website. Bethard specifically made this for the players to access the same games and sports markets available on the main version of Bethard. Deposit and withdrawal of money are also available on the mobile application. Meaning, there is a faster process of transferring money from your bank account to your Bethard account.

The Bethard mobile version and application is made with a very catchy look for the customers. This adds extra charm for the application itself. The best part of it, it loads fast so that the players will not have any trouble once their game has started. As of now, there are no reported bugs and other application disgrace happening in the mobile version of Bethard. There are no worries that the application may have some viruses, rest assured that the application is perfectly safe and easy to use.

For people who have their mobiles on low storages, there are no worries. You can freely use the mobile version that you can search on the browser. Both work well on your smartphones or another device that you are currently using. There are no worries for lack features in the mobile version because Bethard already resolved that by giving the same feature from the original version or the PC version.

Bethard Live Streaming and Online Betting

Live streaming is currently unavailable on Bethard. There are only game cast and live betting events present on their website. The game cast gives the information of the second coverage of the total scores, they gives the users have a chance with to follow on the distinctive team they are currently patronizing, and even how well their team is going.

Live betting is available on Bethard. It is available on both mobile and the pc version. The live betting allows the users to select on the sporting events that are currently present on the website. The odds that are placed for the live bets are changing. The users can see themselves freely on how their team is going. But it requires placing the bet before the odds fluctuate in the game. This is set to have a fair play with the other users.

The live betting is almost available on all Bethard sports present on their website. This includes popular sports like tennis, football, ice hockey, American football, and classic football. They also have eSports, table tennis, and water polo and, which is a type or niches sports that is also available for live betting.

Bethard claims to improve their live betting by expanding its market. These include a player based bet and prop bets in which already available on other competing betting sites is made. When there is a chance, Bethard will also have their live streaming that can improve the website itself and attract more users to be involved in the games.

Bethard Payment Options or Methods

On the first part of successfully signing up on Bethard, the first thing that you can take a decision is the payment options you will apply to. Upon signing up, you can get your first bonus code, which is your welcome bonus when you deposit and withdraw when you won your first bet. With that, you will need your payment method to play the game successfully. Here are some payment methods that you can use for the requirement of the game itself.

•    Visa

•    Mastercard

•    Trustly

•    Paysafecard

•    Skrill

•    Neteller

•    Zimpler

From the team of Bethard, according to them, they have picked the best payment system for their company. They have picked the fastest and safest one on the market. This will help both the user and the company itself to have a smooth transaction. If you currently do not have any accounts on these payment options, then you need to open one for your application.

Every payment is to be processed quickly and proficiently with a high quality standard security check during your first withdrawal and other withdrawals that contain a huge amount of money than the other.

Transactions that use a credit card will have a 2.5% fee for the safeguard of your money. Other than that, there are no hidden fees from the transaction and for other payment methods. It is specifically made only for credit card-type of transaction.

Other payment methods can be used other than the payment options listed above. You can make your deposits with the use of Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, Swedish Kronas, and Norwegian Kronas. The currency listed above is the usual customer of Bethard.

Bethard Customer Service

This is one of the most important parts every user should look upon to, the customer service. This part says it all about how well the handlers of the company work well with their users. Bethard gives the best experience for customer service. They have a customer support team that people can reach out to whenever they have questions and other responses about the games and other areas of the website.

There are different ways on how you can contact Bethard, such through live chat and email. Their email is Bethard claims to have their customer support on a 24/7 customer service. Usually, it is available between 9 am up to 1 am.

You can freely use the live chat as your option for fast communication and better service to the staffs. It is said to the most reliable type of contact, for you can give out your problems and responses on face to face basis and show them the problem more easily.  The usage of live chat can also have a higher potential to have someone to answer your questions quickly than another contact available. Before you send your live chat, you can send them an email on the following problems you are currently encountering so that they may be able to resolve it more quickly.

If you are only deciding to contact their customer support, you can check the FAQ section. This section usually contains the common problems that you may encounter over time. Sometimes, they have the answers you need. But you can always freely contact the customer support if you are having a hard time resolving your problems.

According to the reviews online, the customers who have used it find the customer support to be helpful and at the same time polite. They already have satisfied their needs and created clarification for their problems. Again, you can always freely contact them for inquiries and questions you wish to ask.

Bethard Reviews

Aside from the features that make the application a blast, Bethard has a distinctive style on making their company worth playing. Starting off to their promotions, unlike other betting sites, Bethard seems to give a higher rate in their promo and bonuses. They have to almost 125% cashback on different kinds of game. Next is their mobile version; the mobile version of Bethard is something to look out for. They have the same feature that is found in the main version and even better. They have this catch look for their page and give a lot of options for the users. It gives a beautiful design for their application that is very obvious and easily identified. The payment methods give only have fewer payment options. This might be one of the downslopes of Bethard. But they do the globally accepted payment which is with the use of Visa and Mastercard.

For countries with the currency of the euro and other currencies that are listed above, they can free pay it on cash. On the other hand, live betting is something to start. It gives a professional product on the game itself. It is very attractive for the users and the start-up users of the games. This includes casino bets, sports betting, and virtual sports available for live betting.

There are a total of 29 different sports that you can bet at Bethard. This includes the Asian sports, combo betting selections, and special bets that you can use. There is a lot of, and there is a huge percent of winning the game.

The game gives a special touch on how it gives entertainment for the users. Since it is a betting site, it is serious but at the same time fun on having at. They give the users the enthusiasm to play the game since it is a betting game; the table will always have a chance to turn unexpectedly. That is why this game gives a lot of chance of winning. You will never know who the winners will be, but there are some games that it is easy to be read at.

Bethard Conclusion

In a nutshell, Bethard main limelight is the live casino. It gives the special feature other games don’t have. And usually, people who bet in this kind of game has a huge amount of deal coming. But upon the popularity of the game, Bethard never fails to give the best customer service for their players and users. And also by the partnership of both NetEnt and Microgaming, creates an appealing software and web layouts they offer on the media. They have made their website and mobile application very convenient and loads fast, which is the best version of it.


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